Anita Mattson, David Nickerson, Sonia So, Tyler Auvil, Andi Hardman, Andrew Schafer, Veronica Angeles, Josh Wieting, Erica Couch, Tom Fisher, Mike Visco

Research in the Mattson Group is centered on new method development and complex molecule synthesis. One key focus of our research is the preparation of important synthetic building blocks using new transformations catalyzed by small organic molecules. Of particular interest is the development of reactions catalyzed by organic molecules through non-covalent interactions. Our new methods are applied toward the synthesis of naturally occurring bioactive targets.

Anita Mattson, David Nickerson, Sonia So, Tyler Auvil, Andi Hardman, Andrew Schafer, Veronica Angeles, Erica Couch, Tom Fisher

From left to right, Back Row: Anita Mattson, Dan Frasco, Mike Visco, Josh Wieting; Front Row: Andi Baldwin, Veronica Dunham, Allie Curtze

December 2014:
Tom accepts a job offer at Goodyear. Good luck!

December 2014:
Josh, Tom, Andrew, and Mike publish their work on the preparation and catalytic activity of BINOL-derived silanediols in EJOC!!

November 2014:
Veronica, David, and Devin publish their research on nitrimines as reagents for metal-free formal C(sp2)–C(sp2) cross-coupling reactions in ACIE!!

October 2014:
Andi publishes her research on silanediol-catalyzed carbon dioxide fixation in ChemSusChem!!

September 2014:
Tom publishes his research on organocatalyzed O-H insertions of hydroperoxides and aryl diazoesters in Org. Lett.!!

August 2014:
Tom presents silanediol research at ACS meeting in San Francisco.

July 2014:
Mattson Group receives NSF funding for “Chiral Silanediols in Anion-Binding Catalysis” (CHE 1362030)!!! Nice work everyone!!

June 2014:
Veronica presents her nitrimine research at the Heterocyclic Compounds GRC in Newport, RI.

June 2014:
Erica successfully defends her M.S. degree. Congrats!!

June 2014:
Mike begins his summer internship at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.

May 2014:
Congratulations to Sonia, Tyler, David and Andrew for graduating!! Good luck!

April 2014:
Veronica receives the Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship to attend Heterocyclic Compounds GRC. Congrats!!

March 2014:
Tyler and Andrew publish a review on design strategies for enhanced hydrogen bond donor catalysts!! (link)

March 2014:
Sonia publishes her research on stereoselective N-H insertion-arylation reactions!! (link)

March 2014:
Josh presents his research at the ACS-Dallas Meeting!

March 2014:
Andrew successfully defends his dissertation!!!

March 2014:
David successfully defends his dissertation!!!

March 2014:
Tyler successfully defends his dissertation!!!

March 2014:
Sonia successfully defends her dissertation!!!

February 2014:
David gives his 4th year Departmental Seminar.

January 2014:
Andrew accepts C-H Functionalization Center Postdoctoral Position with Simon Blakey at Emory University!

January 2014:
Andrew gives his 4th year Departmental Seminar.

December 2013:
Josh is a recipient of a DOC travel award - Congrats!

September 2013:
David and Veronica publish their research on the urea activation of nitrimines! (link)

September 2013:
Andrew and Tom present their research at the ACS-Indianapolis Meeting.

August 2013:
Andrew, Josh and Tom publish enantioselective silanediol catalysis in ACIE!(link)

August 2013:
Tyler and Sonia's double arylation work is published in ACIE!(link)

August 2013:
Tyler gives his 4th year presentation.

July 2013:
Andi and Sonia's nitrocyclopropane cycloaddition research is published!(link)

July 2013:
Sonia attends the 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany.

April 2013:
Sonia and Andrew present their research at the 2nd US-Spain Workshop in Chicago.

March 2013:
Veronica, Andi, David and Tyler present their research at the ACS meeting in New Orleans.

March 2013:
Veronica is awarded an NSF predoctoral fellowship. Congratulations!

January 2013:
Andi wins a 2013 Swenton Award for outstanding teaching. Great work!

February 2013:
Sonia gives her 4th year presentation.

January 2013:
Erica, Mike, and Luke join the group. Welcome!

January 2013:
Sonia wins the 2013 Henne Graduate Research Competition. Congratulations!

October 2012:
David, Veronica, Tyler and Sonia publish their work on tunable hydrogen bond donor catalysts, including rate and pKa data! (link)

July 2012:
David presents his research at the Stereochemistry Gordon Research Conference.

June 2012:
David's research on urea palladacycle catalysts is published! (link)

June 2012:
Tyler's research on internal Lewis acid assisted benzoic acid catalysts is published! (link)

May 2012:
Sonia publishes her research on organocatalytic N-H insertion reactions in JACS! (link)

Apr 2012:
Andrew and Josh have their research highlighted in C&E News! (link)

Mar 2012:
Andrew and Tyler present their research at the ACS-San Diego meeting.

Feb 2012:
Andrew is a recipient of a DOC travel award - Congrats!

Jan 2012:
Sonia, Tyler and Victoria have a paper published on boronate urea activation of nitrocyclopropanes! (link)

Jan 2012:
We welcome Andi and Veronica as our newest members!

Sep 2011:
Andrew and Josh's first report on silanediol catalysis is published! (link)

Aug 2011:
Sonia presents her research at the ACS-Denver.

Apr 2011:
Victoria receives a summer research award supported by the Mayers Research Scholarship in the Natural & Mathematical Sciences. Congrats!

Mar 2011:
Sonia receives a Women Chemists Committee Travel Award to attend ACS-Denver. Congrats!

Feb 2011:
Our group is awarded a pilot grant from the American Cancer Society to explore enhanced hydrogen bond donor catalysis as a tool for drug discovery!

Jan 2011:
Sonia's paper on boronate urea catalysis is published in Organic Letters! (link)

Jan 2011:
Andrew, Sonia, David and Tyler finish with their cumes. PhD Candidacy is next. Congrats!

Jan 2011:
New 1st year graduate student Josh joins the team - Welcome!

Jan 2011:
4th Floor Evans Renovation Celebration - a celebration of the Forsyth, Mattson, Stambuli and Badjic groups' newly renovated synthesis lab space - was a huge success.

Oct 2010:
The Mattson group moves to newly renovated lab space.

Jan 2010:
Sonia, Andrew, Tyler and David join the Mattson Group.